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Google is probably the most famous tech company in the world. As a service, it is beneficial as a source of information, entertainment, and, most importantly, marketing. Businesses can add themselves on googles map, allowing customers to get their location quickly, see their menus, and read their reviews.Out of all the options, the reviews might be the most essential. However, whether you are a small business or one with a bad reputation, getting the reviews needed for your business can be challenging.

"Out of all your options, reviews might be the most essential."


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With a 98% open rate, text message review requests ensure your business gets the reviews it needs.

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Get real-time review notifications and engage immediately with customizable auto-response templates.

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Drive leads to your business by highlighting stellar reviews across paid and organic social channels.


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You can have reviews like those below, that enhance the specifics of your business and position you as the authority in your industry. Dominate the competition!

The team at Linkify turn my business around and propelled our Google Reviews into the higher range of your competitive sphere. It made a difference and pushed it to the top on our Google Map Pack.

Johnny S.

Our business was suffereing and we didn't even know it. Jake and his team at Linkify turned things around for us and now we're flourishing.

Matt D.

Our map listings weren't showing and there were many factors. Linkify was able to solve our reviews simply and easily.

Dudley D.

I can't thank Linkify enough for enhancing our Google Reviews. It changed our business!

Luna L.

Their customer service blew me away. They hopped on our issues and immediately offered solutions.

Tommy H.

Our brick and mortar location was suffering while our online store was thriving. Google reviews ended up being our savior.

Mary H.

Someone called and guaranteed a service I had been looking for. They were quick and immediate and the reviews are great!

Pamela S.

My restaurant got a few bad reviews and drove our average rating down. They told us exactly what to do and were able to send over more reviews to drowned out the negative score.

Jeremy H.

Our gym location had moved to a new location and our GMB wasn't able to port over our reviews. We had to start fresh which put us behind. They assisted greatly!

Robin A.

Testimonials have always been a difficult portion of our business due to the nature of our services. Linkify was nuanced enough to control our reviews and their narrative.

Dudley D.

With over 32 locations we had a large need for an increased review retainer. They solved this issue immediately.

Thomas P.

5 star reviews have become the norm after we had a nice foundation and base created by the team at linkify!

Teresa P.

Great team. Great Service.

Newt S.

I loved seeing the reviews come in and steadily seeing our rankings and follow suit.

Harry S.

Why didn't I think of this before? What a great way to control your business' destiny.

Terry S.

Our business needed the extra help in the beginning but now it's really stepped up and we're flying.

Newt Scamander

Our community has flourished and our business has benefited greatly from the team at Linkify!

Carry S.